Tuesday 8 July 2008

Inside and out...

The whole reason we are moving house is to make life a lot easier for us as a family accommodating hoists and access for Zaks chair.
On Friday Zak was able to look around the inside of the house as well as the outside for the first time since the build began. When we first viewed the property he could only access two of the rooms as his wheelchair couldn't take the turns or it through the doors.(Thats after collapsing the chair to get it into the house ), so this day was special one for him to be able to take in whats going on.

(testing out the corridor)

("and the hoist will be from here...to here...")

Seeing the size of Zaks chair in the house confirmed that the wide hallway and open lounge was definitely the way to have designed the place. I can't wait until we are settled in and sorted. We are half way through the time scale now.

(next door's wondering whats going on lol)

The change has been pretty incredible but still retains its calmness and 'good feel' about it when you walk through the gates.Something thats difficult to describe but both Stiggy and I both felt when we first visited.Maybe its all the birdsong? Perfect.


Stiggy said...

Awwww lovely photos my dear, and yes it's a great feeling walking around the new place!

Our little slice of Paradise!


joanne wardle said...

looks great, and it looks like zak approves too

Karin said...

Looking good!

Anonymous said...

Zak physically looks like my son.

Zak looked pleased with the changes inside the house.

I love your friendly neighbor.

Thanks for the updates and photos.

Caroline Moore said...

great photos Jo - Zak looked happy, I hope he was impressed

Little Veg Patch said...

What a special day for you all, fingers crossed for you that the build all goes smoothly.

Maggie Ann said...

This is such a lovely blog...as if we are out in the fresh air with you, enjoying the day. How exciting for your son...a new home that he can move around in...=). May God bless you richly as you look to him.

Don said...

Nice photos! I can see the joy in all of your faces.

We felt the same way when we walked onto our property for the first time. We knew we had to live there.

Sanja said...

this is really little paradise!looks wonderful,Jo!

Sandra Evertson said...

OM Gosh! I love it! The house is Beautiful and how lucky are you,grass and ducks and chickens and flowers?! It looks like Heaven to me!
Sandra Evertson

Stiggy said...

Hi Wifey!

x x x x

I've been tagged by Don, and he MADE me do a tagging post - or he said he'd come over and give me extra homework!

Also he says I have to post a post on everyones blog I tagged.

Confused? You soon will be!


x x

Sonya said...

Hi there love your blog! Great photos and yay for the extra space for Zak. My hubby has been in a wheelchair for four years now (result of an accident) and you can never have too much space!
Wishing you all the very best.xx

Anneke said...

lovely photo, to see your house and garden