Tuesday 22 July 2008

From woodlice to waterwings....

Stiggy, over on One Man and his Chickens has tagged me to think of more weirdness about myself that I havent listed in tags over on my art blog, so lets have a go (he did say I didnt HAVE to, but I've not received a tag over on this blog before...... sorry if they are really peculiar, but I've done this a few times over on my art blog in the past year.

Ok...six 'random' facts about me..... lol

1. I'm perfectly happy to pick up spiders but not woodlice or beetles.

2. None of the mirrors work properly in our house. I AM an ideal weight for someone whose 6'4" lol (pity I'm only 5'3(and a half)".... hopefully all this gardening, once we've settled in, will do me good.

3. Dave and I both took just 13 driving lessons in our teens and both of us passed first time (we discovered this in a 'who is the better driver' debate with each other once after 'discussing' who was 'the better driver' roflrofl...ok Dave is more confident at driving to new places and parking, I'm more responsible and get less irate at other drivers lol)...so its a draw :0)

4. I recently traced my family tree back to 1792 and compiled it all in a scrapbook for a suprise Christmas present for my Dad. I discovered that my family were very hard workers (agriculture/ Lime burners/ and later on the railways and cheese makers) and the women must have been incredibly strong. Its amazing how emotionally attached you become to particular members of the family tree when tracing their lives. When I discovered the early death of my Great Great Great Grandmother I actually went 'Nooooooo' out loud.

5. Over the last 17 years I have learnt to survive on very little sleep (not by choice I hasten to add lol and possibly to the relief of the rest of the family as I snore like a fog horn), but have discovered recently that my creativity has benefited from my sleep deprivation and I've ended up making a few things that I wouldnt have if I'd have been full of the joys of spring lol

6. I have a fear of drowning even though I can swim... so spend most of my time wearing water wings just incase it rains hard lol (joke...the water wings bit not the drowning)

Hope they are fact enough....I wont tag on, as I imagine you've all been 'done' as I've pinched most of my outdoorsy blog links from Stiggy :0)which I LOVE!


Don said...

I am a driver's ed instructor here in Michigan. That's funny about you both having taken the same number of lessons.

I like having a mental image of you walking around with little secret water wings in case of rain, which in England is a danger indeed!

Little Veg Patch said...

Jo, hats off to you for being brave enough to pick up spiders, I shall enjoy wearing my wimp label a little longer ;D

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

lol @ Don ....yep usually its a bit soggy over this side of the pond- heatwave thought atm so the red alert is off right now lol

lol @ LVP's wimp label lol...aww

Stiggy said...

Less irate at other drivers!? Pull the other one!


Nice post dear and very funny - especially the bit about the mirrors! lol!


joanne wardle said...

that's weird, I'm fine with spiders but go all shuddery at woodlice......and earwigs!!! euuuurrgh

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

I would love to see an update on the house renovations. I hope the school year is going well for your son.

Laurie in MN said...

I just visited the view from the barn and left a comment. I love your photos. And I love chickens.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this other wonderful blog of yours.

What a fabulous and exciting new place to live.

Makes my allotment look tiny compared with yours - and chickens too - love those silkies - I keep bantams too.