Sunday 15 August 2010

What a suprise! Baby chicks!

On Thursday (three days ago) Dave discovered that one of our hens (or two taking it in turns actually) had been hiding some eggs and that they were about to hatch! So he got to work creating a little safe haven for the Hen and eggs and lo and behold look what turned up over night- two baby chicks, one like Mum hen(rusty coloured) and one like dad cockerel (white)...(Dave took a few pics). Then a few hours later, a third! Another white one.

For better pics and a little 15 second film please hop on over to my husband Daves blog.



Anonymous said...

Oh, they are just so fuzzy! Too cute! Sweet tweets for sure!

Helen said...

Oh, how CUTE!!!!

Helen said...

Just came back to say, been looking at your husband's blog - read loads of it, it was really enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

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:)) ...Вика said...

Маленькие комочки! Такие милые!