Tuesday 1 July 2008

An eventful day...nettles and nets.

Today the weather was so hot!!
On eventual arrival at the build after a delayed start to the day, walking up the driveway was more like an assault course compared to its usual feeling of calm.
After snagging my skirt 3 times on various building materials, wood and nails, then catching my hair on a low branch, then a grand finale of nettle stings all up my left arm as I was throwing a hissy fit about my skirt , the day slowly started to improve lol...well it HAD to as so far it was like the scene from the Police Squad movie on the boat- one disaster to the next

I don't do hot weather well... so my first thought was to head over to the allotment and set up my little chair and have a cool drink and take in this view before anything else happened to drive me 'over the edge' lol

Stiggy was over digging a trench for his shed extension so his day was all planned.

BUT....what did I find as I turned the corner from the garden....BIRDS!! BIG BLACK BIRDS SCOFFING WHAT WE HAVE NOW DISCOVERED (thanks Stiggys dad)TO BE TAYBERRIES!!

That was the final straw...netting was needed...and a tall person and a hammer.

....so a little while later, Stiggy, whilst I was weeding, had fastened a big 'hair net' over the whole lot to keep them out- just the job, looks fabulous and they will hopefully survive- they taste gorgeous- like a cross between raspberries and blackberries..would make brilliant jam.

Had a wander and a word with the chickens, tested out the lovely new easy gate instead of tearing my hands to shreds on wire and a stick, and generally pootled about. The Silkies are very friendly, this one inparticular is always first to greet and actually runs really fast towards you like a little dinosaur.

The sun was so bright today that the colours were really vibrant...

And the end of day news is that we maywell be adopting 5 more chickens.... a local farm is giving away chickens (that are free range) to good homes rather than them meet the end of their days. Exciting stuff.


Audrey said...

fab photos Jo

looks idyllic ;-)

Although sounds rather tiring too !

those berries look delicious

deb said...

more great photos Jo.

What a start to the day, I'd of proberbly given up and gone back home, lol.

I've not heard of tayberries, they do look good though, hope the netting does the job and keeps the blackbirds away.

Little Veg Patch said...

Ouch! Hope your arm has recovered a bit, nettles stings are itchy blighters! Great photography too ;)

Stiggy said...

Was a good day - sorry about your arm dear...

...never mind.... you've got another one!


joanne wardle said...

great couple of posts. and I love that you've used "action caterpillar" as your blog header, I love him!!

lol @ stiggy's sympathetic comment!

Karin said...

oh dear not a good start to the day, if you get attacked by nettles again don't touch where they have stung you quickly rinse it off under a tap to wash the acid away.
Seeing your berries reminded of when we had our allotment. Tayberries are lovely.

Sanja said...

beautiful pics Jo and love your chickens :0))))))

Angel said...

Remember that some weeds have good reason to be kept in gardens, Rumex obtusifolius for example. The Dock leaf has been a sting cure for many years, stung by nettles, rub with dock leaf, no more sting :). Nettles also make v good soup :D